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V2030 Vision Finnish Saunarium Cabin

V2030 Vision Finnish Saunarium Cabin

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  • Number of Bathers : 3
  • 1982 Length x 1368 Depth x 1950mm Height
  • 6kW Oceanic Apollo Saunarium heater 
  • Saunarium control system with key pad 
  • No plumbing or drainage required 
  • Saunarium water barrier treatment for cabin interior 
  • 30kgs rocks
  • 3 sided heater guard
  • 2 walls tempered smoked glass 
  • 2 walls Western Canadian Hemlock fully insulated panels
  • Tempered safety glass door 
  • 6 slat bench (520mm width)
  • 3 slat curved back rest
  • Floor mat
  • Concealed linear LEDs positioned behind the back rest creating a subdued lighting effect
  • IP65 low voltage chrome downlight kit 
  • Water bucket and ladle
  • Sand Timer
  • Combined Thermometer / Hygrometer
  • 4 sauna aroma fragrances
  • Indoor use only
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Product Description

Our Vision Range incorporates our highest quality materials and techniques to produce our most modern and elegant line of saunas. 

All our cabins are manufactured in our own UK factory. With over 40 Years of experience in Traditional Sauna Cabin manufacturing we pride ourselves on quality at exceptional prices.

What’s included?
For these premium saunarium cabins we have selected knot free Canadian Hemlock timber for its luscious range of warm red and brown hues. Each panel is constructed using the hidden nail technique and incorporates rockwool insulation. Abachi with its lower thermal conductivity and knot free appearance blends harmoniously with hemlock and is used for the internal components. Tinted bronze glass for the front and side wall create a warmer feel whilst also providing some privacy. Concealed linear LEDs illuminate the walls of the sauna with a subtle glow behind the backrests and low voltage downlights can be switched separately to increase the brightness. Secret fixings are used to finish the cabin with seamless clean and modern style.

The V2030 Vision sauna cabin 1982 x 1368 x 1950mm is supplied complete with a 6kW Oceanic Apollo saunarium heater with side mounted 2kw steam generator and our Oceanic Saunarium control system.

Vision range saunas are supplied with deeper six slat Abachi benches for additional comfort, 3 slat ergonomically curved backrests, our brand new modern full height safety glass door with smoked glass, polished chrome & Ash wood handle and polished chrome hinges, Abachi heater guard, floor mat, and headrests, a traditional bucket with liner and sculpted ladle + 4 sauna aroma fragrances, sand timer, thermometer, assembly instructions, operation and maintenance manual, plastic bathing rules card and all fittings and fixings

Saunarium - a combination of sauna and steam bathing all in one. The art and tradition of varying the conditions in a steam bath date back to Roman times and before; different rooms were often used with variations in the temperature and humidity to provide different experiences.Nowadays thanks to digital controls a broad variation of conditions can be experienced in a single room; our traditional saunarium heater combines a steam generator with a sauna heater with a controller that allows a number of settings as follows:

Sauna– The traditional dry air bathing with temperatures from 75 to around 100C, water can be splashed onto the rocks for short bursts of humidity; the tradition dates back more than 2000 years.
Caldarium– Hot steam bathing with temperatures from 55 to 65C the steamer operates for 80% of the time, provides  a superb and invigorating hot steam experience.
Sanarium– Soft steam with temperatures from 48 to 55C the steamer operates around 90% of the time for a softer more gentle experience to melt away aches or ease the strains of a stressful day.
Tepidarium– 100% steaming, temperatures up to 48C the steamer is also operating continuously, add crushed herbs or a few drops of essential oil to the steamer for aromatherapy treatments to suit your mood.

Special water resistant coating- In order to cope with the differing conditions and the high levels of humidity, saunarium coat treatment is applied to all of the internal surfaces of the cabin walls ceiling and benches to stop water being absorbed.

Clear glazing and hemlock side panels are available in our optional extras below. 

Dimensions (LxWxH) Dimensions 1982 x 1368 x H1950mm
Controller Oceanic Saunarium Control System
Electrical Supply 230/400 Volt 1/3 Phase
Flat Packed Yes
Materials the Sauna can be erected on Vinyl, Ceramic, Concrete
Number of Low Benches 1
Number of High Benches 1
Heater Size 6kW
Hard Wiring Required Yes
Air Gap Requirements 25mm
Product Features

Apollo Saunarium Heater - Combined Sauna & Steam 

Our brand new Apollo range of saunas heaters combines elegant aesthetics with innovative functionality. The floor standing unit is housed in a dark grey powdercoated shell with stainless steel capping. Nested inside is a vented rock basket that protects the elements beneath from direct contact with water being poured over the rocks, this reduces the failure rate and maintenance cost involved with running your sauna.

The slimline Apollo steam unit mounts directly to the side of the heater, converting your sauna into a saunarium with minimal fuss. 


Apollo Sauna Heater with Steam Generator

LED Behind Backrest Lighting

Concealed linear LED lighting behind the 3 slat ergonomically curved backrests illuminate the walls with a subtle glow that create a subdued and relaxing atmosphere. 

Canadian Hemlock Cladding

Western Canadian Hemlock is an ideal timber for use in saunas for a number of key reasons; it does not warp even when exposed to extreme conditions, it is knot and resin free, very hard and strong and has an attractive straight grain. Utilising the hidden nail technique securely fixes the cladding to the panel frame providing a clean finish. 

Oceanic Vision Sauna Hemlock Cladding

Extra Deep 6 Slat Bench 

The extra deep 6 slat bench is manufactured from Abachi, a knot free timber which has very low thermal conductivity remaining cooler to the touch, the bench measures 520mm in depth. 

Optional Extras

Hemlock Side Wall

If space is an issue or you would simply prefer the look of the cabin with hemlock side panels instead of glass then it is possible to switch these. 

canadian hemlock cladding side wall

Clear Glass

Our complete range of Vision sauna cabins is also avaliable with clear glass.

clear glass

Herb Bowl

Enhance your sauna experience with our Sauna Herb Bowl. Slice a lemon or lime, crush a handful of your favorite herbs and toss them into this bowl with a little water, hang it directly over the sauna  stove using the chain and hook provided - the extra humidity will combine with the delightful natural fragrances adding another dimension to your sauna experience. Can also be used with Himalayan salts. Stainless steel bowl with chain and fittings. [Important: must be installed 30cm above the sauna heater]

sauna herb bowl

120°C High temperature waterproof IP65 sauna speakers with Bluetooth 

Two water proof IP65 rated 120°C 10 cm (4") speakers with plastic basket and grill. Balanced, high cone frequency response efficiency and good high to mid-range reproduction. Suitable for use in swimming pools, saunas, steam rooms. Bluetooth mini stereo audio for connecting to Bluetooth enabled devices.

120 degree sauna speakers
Technical Information
  • Saunarium heaters do not operate from a 3 pin plug, they require hard wiring via an isolator switch using high temperature silicon rubber cable to BSEN 6141 (not included). See our sauna accessories page for silicone rubber cable in order to order different lengths.
  • Apollo Saunarium heaters requires 5 core silicon bound heat proof cable for the heater and 3 core silicone cable for the steam generator. The thickness of the 5 core cable will depend upon the kW output of the heater.  
  • Please refer to the manual for full technical details, or call our technical help team for further advice. 

Running Costs 

The cost to run an average sauna cabin with a 4.5kw heater is 54p per hour. (using an average unit cost of 12p per kWh, please check with your service provider for exact unit costs.)


We recommend a carpenter or joiner assembles the saunarium, installation of an average saunarium takes around one day, larger models may take 1-2 days. 

Installation Requirements

  • A level, washable floor, preferably vinyl, stone, ceramic or concrete
  • 25mm air gap all around the cabin to allow air to circulate
  • All measurements are external measurements and are + or - 10mm
  • A suitable power supply - isolated 230V single phase supply to the correct standard installed by a qualified electrician.
  • In restricted areas is it possible to assemble the sauna cabin from the inside
  • The door of the cabin can be hinged left or right but must open outward
  • A qualified electrician must be used for the installation of the sauna heater.
  • The steam generator does not require plumbing or drainage, it is simply filled with a water jug, and emptied after use (once cool) using a drain tap on the base of the generator. 

Size Adjustments

Vision Sauna cabins cannot be reduced in size, for bespoke made to measure Vision saunarium cabins please contact our sales team. 

Delivery & Warranty

Delivery of your order

We manufacture the cabins (saunas and Turkish steam baths) at the request of the client, so we do not have stock available immediately.

For delivery to the islands, it is required to add a protective layer of wood to the pallet to prevent damage during transport, with an additional mandatory cost of €50 or €75 depending on the item.

Deliveries are made at your door, that is, at the main door or portal of your home or property, at street level – the pallets or packages will be delivered in front of the main door of your house or building. They will not be uploaded or delivered within your home.

Delivery will be made with a flatbed truck as long as there is sufficient access at destination, delivery at street level and full readiness to receive the merchandise. Sufficient access: the truck must be able to access the delivery point without difficulty, it must have enough space to maneuver or be able to leave without any problem. The client has to notify Oceanic Saunas of any access problem that might exist. In the event that the delivery conditions are not adequate, Oceanic Saunas reserves the right to cancel the order and return the amount of the merchandise, subtracting the cost of transport to and from the collection.
We recommend that two people are available to unload the pallet: unloading usually takes about 20 minutes. It is important to wear gloves and protective glasses for handling, especially when handling glass parts.

Sauna or steam room orders cannot be changed, canceled or returned once the pallet has been collected from our warehouse.

To obtain a quote for our delivery service, contact us.


All Oceanic products are guaranteed for 3 years in the event of a lack of conformity.
The warranty does not apply to "consumable" parts, such as elements, for example.

This range of product will not be exchanged or refunded once it has left our warehouse.
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