Terms and Conditions

Oceanic Saunas SL reserves the right, at any time, to modify, change or update these conditions of sale and use. The online terms prevail over any other version or any other contradictory document. You agree to accept them, when you use this site, confirm your order by sending us your payment, or check the "I have read and accept the general conditions of sale" box when ordering online.


Who are we?

Oceanic is the most experienced brand in terms of saunas and steam rooms, with a know-how of more than 40 years. We manufacture a wide range of products for saunas and steam rooms, for domestic and commercial uses.

We deliver throughout Europe.

Your contact at Oceanic Saunas SL



Company name
 Oceanic Saunas SL
Plaza del Pelícano 4
41003 Seville

European VAT number: ESB65392474



The prices displayed include VAT (Spanish VAT at 21%).
The prices are expressed in Euros €.
Unless otherwise indicated, the prices displayed do not include shipping costs.
For intra-community orders, please get in touch with our customer service.

Online ordering
You will receive a summary of your order a few minutes after having validated and paid and on our site. If one or more products were to be out of stock at the time of ordering, we will inform you as soon as possible.
To avoid any inconvenience, contact us before confirming your order, to know the availability of the items.
Oceanic also offers you the possibility to order directly with our team, and to pay by bank transfer. Contact us if this option interests you.


Delivery of the goods

The delivery of the goods to your home is considered a separate service contract, separate from your contract for the purchase of the goods with Oceanic Saunas SL.

Delivery can be made by one or more carriers.


Your order will be sent in its entirety. If any items were to be missing, the order would be placed on hold for shipment until the items were fully available.

Oceanic can send the packages separately, if the shipping costs corresponding to the different shipments are paid by the customer.


Any change of delivery address after despatch of your parcel, it will be remitted to the delivery company will result in additional costs, payable by the recipient.


Delivery times are given for information only. They do not constitute a strict deadline and the responsibility of Oceanic Saunas S.L. cannot be engaged in the event of late delivery.


Do not contact your installer until you have been delivered and checked that the merchandise is complete and undamaged.


If a delivery problem is made by the customer and not the carrier, the company Oceanic Saunas will be entitled to ask the customer to pay the additional shipping costs incurred (example: return of the package to our premises for absence of the recipient, lack of information for delivery, error in the address indicated).


If deliveries must be made in areas that are difficult to access, reduced or out of the way (alleys, high mountains, etc.), the customer must inform Oceanic Saunas of these data before confirming his order. Likewise, the customer must inform us of all the delivery details (digital code, etc.) before confirming his order.Deliveries are made to your door, that is, to the main door of your home or building - pallets or packages will be delivered to the front door of your home. They will not be mounted or placed inside your home.

If for any reason the delivery should exceed 21 days from the date of receipt of the order, the customer will be informed and will have the opportunity to cancel the order.


Without prejudice to the statutory rights granted to consumers, the company Oceanic Saunas SL does not engage any liability for any non-delivery of goods resulting from cases of force majeure, such as: civil disturbance, strike, demonstration, flood, drought, fire, legislation or other events beyond its control, or its decision on valid grounds not to act for reasons of suspected credit card fraud or similar cases, provided that the company Oceanic Saunas takes all the appropriate measures to inform you within fourteen (14) days of the order that the products ordered will not be shipped. In such cases, Oceanic Saunas will not take any payment or immediately refund in full any payment made.


It is your responsibility to ensure that you place an order with Oceanic Saunas in sufficient time to avoid any loss or disappointment resulting from non-delivery.


It is imperative that the customer examines his package / merchandise before signing the proof of delivery. If no defect is reported on the delivery note, Oceanic Saunas will not be able to appeal to the carrier and you will not be compensated, or the merchandise will not be replaced.


Likewise, you agree to open all boxes and carefully check the goods for any damage or missing product on the day of delivery and to notify us of any damage or missing product within 2 working days of delivery. If we are not informed of the damage or missing products within this time frame, we will be unable to process your complaint.


In the event of a special offer with "free delivery": it concerns deliveries in mainland country, to addresses accessible by trucks. If the customer's geographical location prevents the proper delivery of the products, we strongly advise you to have it delivered to a friend.

Note: any additional costs due to an inaccessible or incorrect address will be borne by the customer.


The delivery of the kits will be made by two different carriers (package carrier + door carrier)


Delivery of parcels

You will receive an email from us with information for tracking your parcels.
In the event of a refund or exchange request, the cost of returning to our premises will be borne by the customer. We will not refund shipping costs.


Delivery of the doors

The doors are delivered on a pallet with TNT. Delivery time of approximately 10-15 working days.

Unpacked doors (out of their wooden protection) will not be exchanged or refunded. The cost of returning unopened doors will be borne by the customer. In the event of a request for a return of a door, it must be sent to our logistics provider located in the UK. Please contact us for his address.


Delivery of sauna wood and corresponding accessories

If you order additional accessories with your wood, they will be delivered on the same pallet at the same time. Bespoke projects are likely to be ready in more time.

Shipping costs are subject to quote: please get in touch with our customer service to request your personalized quote for delivery to your home.
The timber for the manufacture of the sauna travels on a pallet. The pallet will be left by the carrier at your main property door/gate. Under no circumstances the carrier will brings the goods into your home or take them to a floor. We recommend that 2 people be present on the day of delivery if the size of the pallet does not allow its handling by forklift or pallet truck. For your safety, wear protective gloves and glasses before handling the products. It may take about 20 minutes to discharge.
Delivery times vary depending on the delivery area but are generally 15 working days in mainland country once the pallet has been collected from our warehouse. The delivery person will get in touch with you a few days before delivery.
Orders for timber sent on a pallet cannot be cancelled once the pallet has been collected from our UK warehouse.
Timber orders will not be exchanged or refunded.


Delivery of sauna and hammam cabins

For delivery to the islands, it is necessary to add a layer of protective wood to the pallet around the goods so that there is no damage during transport, with a mandatory additional cost of € 50 for small cabins, and € 75 for the larger ones.
The cabins are delivered to the door of the address you provided. The pallet will be left by the carrier at your main property door/gate. Under no circumstances will the delivery person bring the goods into your home or take them to a floor We recommend that 2 people be present on the day of delivery if the size of the pallet does not allow its handling by forklift or pallet truck. For your safety, wear protective gloves and glasses before handling the products. It may take about 20 minutes to discharge. Delivery times vary depending on the delivery area but are generally 15 working days in mainland country once the pallet has been collected from our warehouse. The delivery person will get in touch with you a few days before delivery.
Sauna or steam rooms orders, sent on a pallet, cannot be cancelled once the pallet has been collected from our UK warehouse.
Those type of product orders will not be exchanged or refunded.


Payment Methods

Oceanic Saunas will ship your order once payment has been fully received.

Payment methods accepted:
- Secured payment on our website (www.oceanic-saunas.eu): Credit card and PayPal
- Bank transfer


Guarantee and after-sales service

The after-sales service, technical support, and warranty periods only concern products purchased to Oceanic Saunas SL.

The customer must provide an order or invoice number to benefit from this service. Without that information, no technical support will be granted to you by our team.


All Oceanic products (heaters, generators, spotlights) have been tested and respond favourably to European standards. Contact us to obtain their certificates of conformity.


All our Oceanic sauna heaters and steam generators are tested in our factory before they are packaged and shipped.


According to the European Directive 1999/44 / EC, our products are guaranteed for 2 years in the event of lack of conformity. This period begins from the day of delivery of the goods.

Also note:

• Consumable parts (bulbs and elements for example) are excluded from the guarantee.

• In the event of after-sales service on your device: the warranty for the returned device will be equal to the remaining warranty time.

• The parts will be sent under warranty free of charge (i.e., free of postage) in mainland country. For other destinations, please contact us.

• Products that are not maintained (presence of limescale, absence of descaling, etc.), poorly installed (non-compliant installation), or used in a context that is not that initially planned, will not be covered by the guarantee.

• “Light Duty” devices (OCA steam generators and our entire range of Oceanic hanging and Apollo sauna heaters) are intended for “light” operation, <20 hours of operation / week. If you use these machines more than 20 hours per week, they will not be covered by the warranty.

•The warranty covers any lack of conformity of the device. However, the warranty does not cover changes in aesthetic appearance without related malfunction. The aesthetic development may be due to natural wear and tear of the product, the frequency of use, the way it is used and / or maintained, and under no circumstances will visual aesthetic changes be guaranteed by our company, if they are not the cause of a product malfunction.



To avoid waste, Oceanic is committed to providing you with all spare parts for the device you have purchased. These parts will be available for up to 5 years after production ceases for the product you ordered.


Oceanic Saunas is not responsible if the machine purchased is not powerful enough, or too powerful in relation to your electrical installation. To choose the right product for your project, contact us, our advisers are there to help you.



In the event of a technical problem, first refer to the instruction manuals. Oceanic Saunas offers technical service but does not send a technician to your home.Oceanic Saunas will not cover the costs of the various professionals you may hire to install, maintain, or carry out technical services on Oceanic products.


If you cannot figure out where the problem is thanks to the instruction’s manual, contact us and we will do a remote diagnosis together. We may ask you for photos of damaged parts or connections, for example.


If we need to send you spare parts, please note that they will be sent by post and may take up to ten days to receive.


We do not send spare parts without prior diagnosis.


All spare parts are free if you are still under warranty and the problem found is due to a lack of conformity.


If we detect improper installation or lack of maintenance, for example, the machines will no longer be considered "under warranty" and spare parts will have to be purchased by the customer.


If the customer refuses to receive spare parts and insists on returning the device to us for repair by our technician, the shipping costs will be at his expense (return and shipment: contact us for delivery rates).


If we cannot repair your machine by email / phone or by sending you spare parts, we will collect your machine to test and repair it at our premises.


If the failure detected (or if there is no failure) is due to improper use or installation on your part, we will charge you for transportation and labour.


Likewise, if we receive a device in our premises, under warranty but poorly maintained (tank full of limescale for example) or poorly installed, the customer will have to pay for its collection, technician work, parts. spare parts necessary for its proper functioning and the return of the product.Contact us for our shipping and repair rates.


Guarantee if the diagnosis is inconclusive (we cannot find together where the problem may come from - note that this is extremely rare - 99% of cases are solved with simple manipulations or shipment of spare parts)
You return the machine to us at our premises.
Once in our premises, we test it.
If we confirm that it is a problem with the machine, we fix it.
We will reimburse the return postage only if the issue is a compliance issue.
Address to return the goods to: Oceanic Saunas LTD Pountney Street WV2 4HX Wolverhampton England.


Product without warranty (the warranty period has expired, or the problem does not come from the machine but from a lack of maintenance or an installation problem for example)
All costs of transport, repair, replacement of parts and labour will be charged to the customer.
Before returning the goods in our warehouse, you’ll have to previously pay for the initial diagnosis (55€) and the returning costs. Please contact us to know the rates that apply in your case.

Fixed costs: labour, parts replaced. Contact us to find out the costs relating to your case.


Oceanic Saunas will not reimburse the costs of any technicians you may work with for installation or checks, nor any costs that may be related to the non-operation of the machine.

Financial losses that may be caused by the non-functioning of your machine will in no case be borne by our company Oceanic Saunas SL.


Products found to be defective must follow the after-sales service process.
Under no circumstances will a new device be sent for exchange without prior diagnosis by our technical service.


Right of withdrawal
If you change your mind about the product, you have a legal withdrawal period (European Directive 2011/83 / EU) of fourteen days (14) after receipt of your order.You can totally or partially cancel your order.


Steps to assert your right of withdrawal:
1 - Contact us. We will give you a document to attach to your package for its return.
2 - Return the merchandise to us at: Oceanic Saunas LTD Pountney Street WV2 4HX Wolverhampton United Kingdom.

It is your responsibility to ensure that returned goods reach us in good condition.

3 - Once the merchandise is received, it will be inspected by our team.

If no damage is found, we will refund the amount of the merchandise and its shipping.

Article 14 –2011/83/EU: Unless the trader has offered to collect the goods himself, the consumer shall send back the goods or hand them over to the trader or to a person authorised by the trader to receive the goods, without undue delay and in any event not later than 14 days from the day on which he has communicated his decision to withdraw from the contract to the trader in accordance with Article 11. The deadline shall be met if the consumer sends back the goods before the period of 14 days has expired.

Please note that this is considered an opportunity to examine the products and not a trial period: returned products must be new, unused and in their original packaging intact.

ARTICLE 47 - 2011/83/UE: To establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods, the consumer should only handle and inspect them in the same manner as he would be allowed to do in a shop.


It is your responsibility to ensure that returned products reach us in good condition.


In case of cancellation (withdrawal, return, exchange): the return costs will be borne by the customer and will not be reimbursed.

Contact our customer service to facilitate the return of your merchandise.


The refund of the amount will be made through the same means of payment that was used to place the order. It will be done once the merchandise has been examined at our facilities (merchandise in its original packaging, unused / installed, delivered complete).


Steam room and sauna doors
Steam room doorscannot be returned to our premises if the wooden protection have been removed.


Sauna timber, sauna cabins, steam rooms

The right of withdrawal does not apply to these products. They cannot be exchanged or returned once the order has left our UK warehouse.
Article 49 - 2011/83/UE: A right of withdrawal could be inappropriate for example given the nature of goods or services.


Before placing an order, contact us to find out the conditions of sale and return of the product you are interested in.


Duration of the offer

The duration of our offers is indicated on our product pages, in the box indicating "Special price guaranteed until ---", midnight.


Order acceptance and processing
All orders are accepted when the payment order is fully received. Any e-mail or acknowledgment of receipt of your order is only used to signal that your request has been received and will be examined, and in no way announces the acceptance of your order. Oceanic Saunas reserves the right, at any time before acceptance, to refuse any order or part of an order, or to require additional information, to evaluate and / or process the order correctly.
By making your payment, and therefore, by validating your order, you declare that you have read and accepted our general conditions of sale.


Order cancellation

Orders may be cancelled free of charge if the request is made before dispatch. In this case, you will have to get in touch as soon as possible with our customer service. Any order cancelled post-shipment cannot be fully refunded: the shipping costs will be borne by the customer.

Before returning a product, get in touch with our customer service to inform them.


Price error

In the event of a price error on the website, Oceanic Saunas will not be required to honour orders made at this price.


Exemption and limitation of liability of the company Oceanic Saunas
The seller declines all responsibility in cases where the goods infringe or are suspected of infringing the rights of a third party.

If the goods are or may be subject to the rights of a third party, the seller is required to transfer any title deed that he owns, and this without causing prejudice to the rights of the customer, and to avoid a total or partial non-execution.

Without prejudice to the statutory rights granted to purchasers of the products, the information and materials contained in this website, including without restriction, texts, graphics, and links, are provided as is, and have no contractual value, and the company Oceanic Saunas does not guarantee that the information accessible via this website is accurate, complete, or current, or that the use of the website is free from risk of viruses or other damage.


Oceanic Saunas reserves the right to modify the prices and information available on this website at any time without notice.

Purchases of Oceanic Saunas brand products and related services, provided by Oceanic Saunas SL, are warranted by law, and nothing in this document should be used to exclude or restrict the rights, granted to consumers in respect of these products or services.

Each item may be subject to additional guarantees or guarantees granted directly by the manufacturers. Such guarantees are in no case applicable against the company Oceanic Saunas, but only against the party which granted them.

The company Oceanic Saunas accepts all responsibility for damage to the goods, in cases and insofar as they result from negligence on the part of the company Oceanic Saunas or its agents and representatives, up to a certain limit, and in relation to any event or series of events resulting from a common cause.

The responsibility of Oceanic Saunas SL cannot be engaged if the customer does not accept or respect all or part of the general conditions of sale referred to, or in the event of unforeseeable acts of third parties or in the event of force majeure.

In the event of a dispute, please contact our customer service. We will do everything in our power to find an amicable solution.  


Last updated: 25/06/2021