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8kW Oceanic Home Steam Generator

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8kW Oceanic Home Steam Generator

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Oceanic Steam Generator:

  • Electronic Controls with Digital Display  
  • Temperatures of 30 to 60 degrees centigrade
  • Time duration 15 to 240 minutes or continual operation 
  • Keys for a steam room light, keyboard lock, manual drain down etc.
  • Safety features include boil dry protection, thermal overload safety cut out and pressure relief valve. 
  • Complete with installation instructions, 12 months guarantee.
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Product Description

Looking for a powerful, reliable steam generator for use in your home steam room? The Oceanic OCA series the perfect solution. 

This robust steam generator will fill your room up with steam within minutes. Manufactured using top quality Teflon coated incalloy elements resist scaling and are switched sequentially to maintain a constant temperature. The simple to use IP65 digital control system can be installed inside the wetroom providing continuous steaming to 60oC for up to 4hours. Real time diagnostics are clearly displayed. A lighting circuit can also be switched via the keypad. 

Auto flush and drain cycles to help prevent build up of limescale reducing the amount of maintenance. Safety features include boil dry protection, thermal overload safety cut out and pressure release valve.

Dimensions (LxWxH) 450 x 190 x 353mm
Controller OCA digital controller
Electrical Supply 240V 1N~ / 400V 3N~
High Density Rooms (Stone/Ceramics) m³ 3-5
Low Density Rooms (Plastic/Laminates) m³ 5-8
Number of Elements 2 x 3kW + 1 x 2kW
Steam Output/m3/Hour under 0.1mpa 18
Water Consumption kgs/hour 10
Product Features

Teflon Coated Incalloy Elements

Oceanic Steam generators are fitted with powerful long life elements specially coated to help resist build up of limescale. Heating elements are easy to replace and can be bought individually or in discounted sets via the website. 

Sequential Heating

From cold both elements operate for rapid heating, when the room temperature is almost reached some of the elements are turned off and the required temperature is achieved by alternating power to the remaining elements to gently maintain the temperature without large fluctuations improving user comfort.

steam generator element

Easy to use Digital Controls 

A simple to operate water resistant digital control pad can be installed inside or outside the steam room displaying the time and temperature settings. A temperature sensor located inside the room is linked to the system providing accurate control up to 60oC for up to 240minutes of continuous use. 

A series of LEDs provide real time diagnostics for all of the generators functions and a light within the room can also be switched via the keypad. 

Auto Drain and Flushing

All generators feature an auto drain down with a self flushing cycle to dump the boiler contents in a controlled manner. At the end of each steaming session the generator will stop for a few minutes to allow the water to cool a little then the drain valve will open and after a short time the cold water inlet valve will open to give a period of continuous flushing and draining.

Flushing and draining the boiler reduces the build up of damaging limescale, cooling the elements before the final drainage helps prolong their useful life.

steam generator key pad
Optional Extras

Glass Steam Guard

To protect bathers from accidental scalding install our glass guard infront of the nozzle. Requires chrome inlet nozzle

steam nozzle guard

Vent Kit

For good airflow within the steam room we recommend our passive vent kit with 4inch flexible duct. 

vent kit

Aroma Pump

To automatically infuse your steam room with aroma we recommend our new aroma pump with fragrance on demand feature and pre set dosing controls. A range of concentrated natural aromas are available from our website. 
aroma fragrance pump

Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

High quality, 60W per channel stereo speakers with bluetooth connection. Suitable for use up to 80oC

waterproof bluetooth speakers
Generator Technical Information

Schematic for Insatallation

The following schematic shows the connections required for installation including a few optional extras such as the aroma pump and water softener. Please download the installation manual for full details

steam room schematic for installation

Delivery & Warranty

Delivery of your order

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All Oceanic products are guaranteed for 3 years in the event of a lack of conformity.
The warranty does not apply to "consumable" parts, such as elements, for example.
See Terms and conditions for more details.

If necessary, Oceanic Saunas agrees to keep a stock of all possible spare parts for this device.