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5 Person Heavy Duty Commercial Sauna HD3030FS

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5 Person Heavy Duty Commercial Sauna HD3030FS

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Heavy Duty Commercial Model: HDC3030FS with Floor Standing Heater

  • Dimensions 1883 x 2001 x 2200mm
  • Number of Bathers: 5
  • Heater Size: 9kW Floor Standing Heater
  • Extra thick 25 x 90 x 526mm Benches
  • Extra thick panels 59 x 615 x  2093mm
  • 940mm Disabled Access Door
  • Heavy Duty Bench Legs
  • Waterproof Base
  • All sizes are + or - 10mm
  • Please note all our Sauna Cabins are for indoor use only
€11,600.00 Inc VAT
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Product Description

All Oceanic Heavy Duty Saunas Cabins are manufactured in our Wolverhampton based factory from top quality kiln dried Scandinavian spruce from managed and replanted forests. PTFE and FSC certified.

HDC3030FS heavy duty sauna cabin is supplied complete with : 
An extra heavy duty free standing sauna heater in stainless steel, built for day long operation and equipped with long life incaloy elements, it features a large 25kg rock basket, and a sauna heater guard, the OCSB digital remote controls include various features such as dual modes which allow the customers to preset the operating time and the waiting time, LED’s on the control panel show different working stages and operations for elementary diagnosis if a problem should occur.

Each wall panel is double insulated with rockwool fibre and lined with an aluminium sheet to improve efficiency, a number of panels have high an low vents built in to provide an airflow inside the sauna cabin, the panels behind and above the sauna heater feature heat proof boards to avoid scorching of the timber.

The high and low reinforced sauna benches are constructed from extra thick 25mm spruce to providing robustness and durability, plus additional bench supports are supplied to accommodate the loading of multiple sauna bathers.   

The base of the sauna has been coated in a waterproof taking solution to protect the panels from water laying on the ground

We have increased the width of the door to 940mm to allow for disabled access and is constructed from tempered safety glass.

Sauna accessories include, a water bucket and ladle, sand timer, thermometer, towel and fragrance rack + four 100ml bottles of Saunaroma (Lavender, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Orange), assembly instructions, owner manual, all trim timbers, fittings and fixings.

Dimensions (LxWxH) 1883 x 2001 x 2220mm
Controller OCSB
Electrical Supply 400V 3N~
Flat Packed Yes
Materials the Sauna can be erected on Vinyl, Ceramic, Concrete
Number of Low Benches 1
Number of High Benches 1
Heater Size 9kW
Hard Wiring Required Yes
Air Gap Requirements 25mm
Which heater to choose

Floor Standing Heater

Oceanic Floor Standing heater with OCS-B controls is available in 3 sizes: 9kW, 12kW and 15kW, low votage control panel and high voltage control box. Must be wired three phase.


  • Built for heavy duty use
  • Stainless Steel shell
  • Large 25kg rock basket
  • Long life incaloy elements
  • Simple to replace elements
  • On view inside the sauna

Behind Bench Heater

The Oceanic behind bench heater with OCS-B controls is a wall mounted unit that is located behind a false wall at the rear of the cabin. There are many advantages of this model of heater


  • Built for heavy duty use
  • Protected heating elements
  • Rocks do not come into contact with heating elements 
  • Drip and eveporation trays control the water dosing. This prevents water being splashed directly onto the elements which is a common cause of element failure in standard sauna heaters.
  • A water dish and hose are fitted with the behind bench heater, users pour water into this dish mounted behind the false wall and the water is distributed evenly across the rocks.
  • Safer to use - prevents any accidental injuries from users being able to come into contact with the hot surfaces of the heater
  • More energy efficient 
Oceanic floor standing sauna heater Oceanic behind bench sauna heater
Product Features

Extra Thick Double Insulated Wall Panel

We have increased the height of the wall panels to allow for an additional layer of benches. 
All wall panels are manufactured from 18mm thick Scandinavian Class A Spruce cladding with hidden nail profile creating a clean, flawless internal finish to the cabin, they are fully insulated with DIN4102 Earthwool fibre insulation and lined with an aluminium sheet to provide two layers of insulation improving efficiency, reducing the energy requirements and prolonging the life of the heater. 

The heavy duty base lifts the sauna panels off the floor and is treated with a water resistant tanking solution so that the panels cannot absorb any water laying on the ground (for example after cleaning). 

Spruce Cladding 

Timber selection is crucial to the correct performance of the sauna cabin. Spruce, which has both low heat absorption and low resin content is ideal.  Although it grows in many regions, in the northern areas of Scandinavia the countless generations of experience of nurturing trees, pruning and thinning combine with the cooler weather conditions which slows growth ensuring straight strong timbers.
Specifying top grades means we take only material which is free from dead knots, splits and shakes, the timber is kiln dried in the country of origin, it is then checked again for quality before being assembled into a sauna cabin.

Kiln Dried Spruce Cladding

Disabled Access Safety Glass Door 

A full height clear glass door constructed from tempered safety glass, 940mm in width to allow for wheelchair access.  

Disabled door access

Thicker Bench Timber 

25mm thich Sprice timber is used in the heavy duty range to give more durable and stronger benches

Bench timber thickness comparison

 Heat Proof Panles 

To avoid scorching of the timber panel behind the heater unit all heavy duty cabins are supplied with heat resistant panels positioned behind and above the sauna heater.

 Heat proof panels

Optional Extras

Sauna Speakers

Two 120ºC resistant waterproof speakers with bluetooth functionality allowing you to connect remotely to the speakers with bluetooth enabled divices such as most mobile phones.

Sauna 120 degree speakers

Sauna Chromotherapy Light

Seamless colour transition between all colours in the spectrum. Remote control included with variable brightness and ability to change between colours. Suitable for infra red and traditional saunas. 
[Important: must not be installed above 1500mm within a rock heater sauna cabin

Sauna chromotherapy light

Sauna Herb Bowl

Enhance your sauna experience with our new Sauna Herb Bowl. Slice a lemon or lime, crush a handful of your favorite herbs and toss them into this bowl with a little water, hang it directly over the sauna  stove using the chain and hook provided - the extra humidity will combine with the delightful natural fragrances adding another dimension to your sauna experience. 
Can also be used with Himalayan salts. 
Stainless steel bowl with chain and fittings.

Sauna herb bowl
Technical Information

Oceanic Sauna cabin sauna heater wiring panel drawing

  • Sauna heaters do not operate from a 3 pin plug, they require hard wiring via an isolator switch using high temperature silicon cable to BSEN 6141 (not included). See our sauna accessories page for Silicone Cable in order to order different lengths.
  • There is a wiring panel which has an internal gully which allows the wire to be hidden inside the panel if required.
  • The control box will supply the heater, keypad, lights and temperature sensor. The control box is usually positioned on the roof of the cabin
Installation & Size Adjustments

Installation Requirements

  • A level, washable floor, preferably stone, ceramic or concrete
  • 25mm air gap all around the cabin to allow air to circulate
  • A suitable power supply 
  • In restricted areas is it possible to assemble the sauna cabin from the inside
  • The door of the cabin can be hinged left or right but must open outward
  • Sauna cabins do not require a drain, nor is it recommend that you add one to assist when cleaning, if the trap of the drain dries out the smell from the drainage will enter the sauna. 
  • A qualified electrician must be used for the installation of the sauna heater.
  • We highly recommend that a qualified carpenter assembles the sauna cabin.

Size Adjustments

Modifications can be made to reduce the size of the sauna width and depth, the height of the sauna must not be altered. Size adjustments can also be made in our factory, for full details on bespoke sizing please call our sales team. 
Please note: the heater supplied with each model is the correct for the power for the size of cabin, reducing the size of the cabin may mean that the heater will be too powerful, for advice on which size heater you require for your cabin please call our sales team.

Technical Drawing

HD3030FS commercial 5 person sauna technical drawing

Delivery & Warranty

Delivery of your order

We manufacture the cabins (saunas and Turkish steam baths) at the request of the client, so we do not have stock available immediately.

For delivery to the islands, it is required to add a protective layer of wood to the pallet to prevent damage during transport, with an additional mandatory cost of €50 or €75 depending on the item.

Deliveries are made at your door, that is, at the main door or portal of your home or property, at street level – the pallets or packages will be delivered in front of the main door of your house or building. They will not be uploaded or delivered within your home.

Delivery will be made with a flatbed truck as long as there is sufficient access at destination, delivery at street level and full readiness to receive the merchandise. Sufficient access: the truck must be able to access the delivery point without difficulty, it must have enough space to maneuver or be able to leave without any problem. The client has to notify Oceanic Saunas of any access problem that might exist. In the event that the delivery conditions are not adequate, Oceanic Saunas reserves the right to cancel the order and return the amount of the merchandise, subtracting the cost of transport to and from the collection.
We recommend that two people are available to unload the pallet: unloading usually takes about 20 minutes. It is important to wear gloves and protective glasses for handling, especially when handling glass parts.

Sauna or steam room orders cannot be changed, canceled or returned once the pallet has been collected from our warehouse.

To obtain a quote for our delivery service, contact us.


All Oceanic products are guaranteed for 3 years in the event of a lack of conformity.
The warranty does not apply to "consumable" parts, such as elements, for example.

This range of product will not be exchanged or refunded once it has left our warehouse.
Please, read our Terms and conditions for more details about delivery and guarantee.