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Infrared Heater & Control - Commercial Use

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Infrared Heater & Control - Commercial Use

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Infrared Heaters & Control Kits 

Kit includes:

  • Control box
  • Intelligent digital key pad with 12 hour countdown timer for long day operation 
  • Temperature sensor

Select from 1 to 12 heaters, to connect to your control box. 
Please select how many vertical and/or horizontal heaters you need (12 max) - each heater is supplied with a 4m cable to connect to the control box 

  • Infrared Controller can link to 8 heaters / control (2400W)
  • 300W Infrared Emitters 
  • Infrared Emitters Dimensions: 230mm x 750mm x 60mm

If you have more than 8 heaters please add a splitter to your order: 

  • 9 heaters - 1 splitter
  • 10 heaters - 2 splitters
  • 11 heaters - 3 splitters
  • 12 heaters - 4 splitters
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€594.00 Inc VAT
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Product Description

Infrared Controller
Connect up to 12 infrared heaters to the Oceanic control box.
Oceanic commercial infrared controls have a countdown timer for settings up to 12 hours, a thermostatic temperature control to set upto 60ºC and a high temperature safety cut off at 80ºC to prevent overheating. Two outputs for the optional extra stereo speakers with Bluetooth or audio connection output to connect to compatible MP3 or smart phone devices. You will also be able to control the sauna lighting via the digital controls. The digital controls have a 12V DC output for the optional extra low voltage lights or the colour changing chromotherapy lights.

New Generation Infrared Emitters
All of our heaters are equipped with new generation iInfrared heat lamps with quartz elements and carbon fibre filaments. These have an increased spectral distribution of light that includes part of the visible spectrum, including infrared radiations A, B and C in percentages that are close to the natural sun light. These emitters are designed for instantaneous heating - as soon as they are switched on the elements begin emitting infra-red heat giving instant direct warmth – so now you can enjoy a more natural infrared sauna bath.

Infrared Heaters
Two types of infrared heater are available, vertical and horizontally mounted units. Both units incorporate a single 300W infrared element, reflector and wiring socket housed in a timber surround with a perforated protective cover. Each unit is individually plugged into the control box via a 3m 240V cable supplied. If a longer length of cable is required please contact the sales team and specify the correct length. The vertical units are to be installed behind or in front of the seating position at around back / chest height around 850mm from floor level to centre of the unit. Horizontal Units are to be positioned beneath bench at low level ~ 250mm from floor level. The quantity of heaters required will depend upon the size of the sauna and how many people it is intended for. See Sauna Layout for further information.

Control Box
The control box contains the relays for switching the IR Heaters on/off along with the main circuit board for controlling inputs from the keypad, sensors etc. This box is typically mounted on top of the sauna but can also be located on the side wall (externally). The location will affect the required cable lengths to the heater units. The domestic unit can be plugged into a 13amp socket as the total power is limited to 8 units / 2400W. The commercial unit must be wired via an isolator switch and can power upto 12 heater units / 3600W

The oval shaped keypad is supplied with a 5m 6pin low voltage cable to connect directly to the control box. A 10m version of this cable is available if required and can be purchased online through the Oceanic website. The keypad should be mounted outside the sauna, typically at height of 1500mm from floor level for ease of use. The keypad is used to control the length of time the heaters are on for along with the desired air temperature inside the room. The keypad can also be used to control low voltage lighting circuit and speakers if installed (available as optional extras).

Temperature Sensor
The temperature sensor is supplied with a 3m 4pin cable and should be located inside the sauna at a height of around 1300mm from floor level and not directly in front of an IR heater.

Infrared Sauna Design and Layout
Before purchasing the IR units and controls we recommend carefully designing the layout of the sauna. Unlike traditional saunas Infrared saunas are typically designed for users to sit upright surrounded by the Infrared emitters. Normally there should be one vertical unit behind each user with possibly another somewhere infront and horizontal at low level behind.
Vertical IR units are for behind and infront of the body above bench height. Horizontal units are for low level beneath the benches.

Infrared Sauna Heater Sauna Cabin Design

Oceanic Infrared sauna heaters must not be used in conjunction with a traditional rock sauna heater. 

Dimensions (LxWxH) 230mm x 750mm x 60mm
Electrical Supply 230V 1N~
Optional Extras

Infrared Speakers 

Listening to your favourite relaxing music whilst enjoying your infrared sauna couldn't be easier with our speakers. Each speaker is rated to 60W and the control box can also accept an auxillary input.

A set of two 60W speakers.

Infrared Speaker

Infrared Sauna White Lighting

The infrared control box can control the lighting in your sauna with its 12v DC output (max 40W per circuit - two cicuits). 

Sauna 12v fire rated down lights white

Infrared Chromotheraphy Lighting 

12 colour options or leave to fade through the spectrum.  Supplied with chrome finished fire rated downlight. 

infrared sauna chromotheraphy light with fire rated downlight

80 degree Water resistant Speakers 

Listening to your favourite relaxing music whilst enjoying your steam room couldn't be easier with our bluetooth waterproof speakers. Each speaker is rated to 60W and the bluetooth controller can also accept an auxillary input. Compatible with all bluetooth enabled devices. 

Please select these water resistant speakers if you are purchasing a mini steam generator. 

80 degree water resistant saunarium speakers
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