9kw Oceanic Behind Bench Sauna Heater

9kw Oceanic Behind Bench Sauna Heater

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  • 9Kw behind bench sauna heater
  • Supplied complete with OCSB digital remote controls, water dosing bowl. 
  • Cubic meters: 9-14m3 (L x W x H = m3)
  • Digital remote controls
  • Sauna heater rocks 
  • Sequential heating for energy efficiency
  • Long life incaloy elements 
  • Installation and user instructions 
  • 12 month guarantee 
  • Requires hard wiring (does not operate from a 3 pin plug)

Major benefits of Oceanic Behind Bench Heaters:

  • Safer bather environment
  • Prevents tampering
  • Controlled water dosing
  • Longer lasting elements
  • Sequential Heating
  • Digital Remote Control
  • Provides more space within the cabin 
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The Oceanic 9Kw behind bench sauna heater is extra robust and has been built for long day heavy duty operation, it is suitable for use in sauna cabins 9-14 cubic meters in size, to calculate the size of your cabin in cubic meters multiply the 'hight x width x length'. Although these sauna heaters are popular for professional use, many domestic customers install them due to their safety aspects. 

All behind bench sauna heaters are supplied complete with OCSB Digital remote controls, a water dosing bowl, and 15kg of sauna heater rocks. 
Oceanic behind bench sauna heaters have a number of major benefits:

  • Safer bather environment because the heater is hidden behind a false wall preventing accidential injuries.  
  • Prevents tampering
  • Controlled water dosing
  • Protected and longer lasting sauna heater elements
  • Energy saving sequential Heating 
  • OCSB Digital Remote Control with 
  • Provides more space within the cabin 

There are many advantages of this model of heater, for full details of these please see the features tab below.

We also recommend using a heat proof board around and above the sauna heater to protect the timber, this can also be purchased from us in 1200 x 1200mm boards. 


Oceanic Floor Standing heater with OCS-B controls is available in 3 sizes: 9kw, 12kw and 15kw, low votage control panel and high voltage control box. Must be wired three phase.


  • Built for heavy duty use
  • Stainless Steel shell
  • Large 25kg rock basket
  • Long life incaloy elements
  • Simple to replace elements
  • On view inside the sauna


The Oceanic behind bench heater with OCS-B controls is a wall mounted unit that is located behind a false wall at the rear of the cabin. There are many advantages of this model of heater


  • Built for heavy duty use
  • Protected heating elements
  • Rocks do not come into contact with heating elements 
  • Drip and eveporation trays control the water dosing. This prevents water being splashed directly onto the elements which is a common cause of element failure in standard sauna heaters.
  • A water dish and hose are fitted with the behind bench heater, users pour water into this dish mounted behind the false wall and the water is distributed evenly across the rocks.
  • Safer to use - prevents any accidental injuries from users being able to come into contact with the hot surfaces of the heater
  • More energy efficient 
Oceanic Floor Standing Sauna Heater Oceanic Behind Bench Sauna Heater


Oceanic behind bench sauna heater technical drawing


  • Sauna heaters do not operate from a 3 pin plug, they require hard wiring via an isolator switch using high temperature silicon rubber cable to BSEN 6141 (not included). Purchase 3 Meters as an optional extra or See our sauna accessories page for Silicone Rubber Cable in order to order different lengths.
  • For sauna heaters with Remote OCSB controls, the control box will supply the heater, keypad, lights and temperature sensor. The control box is usually positioned on the roof of the sauna but can also be positioned in a plant room for commercial establishments.


The cost to run an average heavy duty commercial sauna cabin with a 9kw heater is £1 per hour until the sauna cabin has reached temperature (which is around 20 minutes), after which the heater will maintain the temperature in the sauna using sequential heating reducing the running cost considerably. (using an average unit cost of 12p per kWh, please check with your service provider for exact unit costs.)

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions (LxWxH) 1300 x 225 x 850
Cubic Metres 9-14
Electrical Supply 230V 1N~ + 400V 3N~
Number of Elements 6
Temperature Sensor Operates 0-110°C
Plugs into 13A socket No

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