4.5kw Stauna Heater Combi Sauna & Steam

4.5kw Stauna Heater Combi Sauna & Steam

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4.5kw Oceanic Domestic Stauna Heater 

Complete with: 

  • Oceanic 4.5kw Sauna Heater (4-6 Cubic Meters)
  • Oceanic Mini Steam Generator 
  • Stauna Heater Control Box and Key Pad 
  • 1 Litre Water Proofing Stauna Coat 
  • Sauna Rocks
  • Installation Instructions 
  • User Instructions

Brand New for summer 2014, our Oceanic combined Stauna Heater allows the user to select from 4 options, Caldarium, Tepidarium, Saunarium and Sauna, each option provides a unique experience. 

Please see below for a full description of the 4 options.

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Nowadays thanks to digital controls a broad variation of conditions can be experienced in a single room; our traditional stauna heater combines a steam generator with a sauna heater with a controller that allows a number of settings as follows  –

Sauna – the traditional dry air bathing with temperatures from 75 to around 100C – water can be splashed onto the rocks for short bursts of humidity – the tradition dates back more than 2000 years.

Tepidarium – hot steam bathing with temperatures from 55 to 65C the steamer operates for 80% of the time – provides  a superb and invigorating hot steam experience.

Sanarium – soft steam with temperatures from 48 to 55C the steamer operates around 90% of the time for a softer more gentle experience to melt away aches or ease the strains of a stressful day.

Caldarium – 100% steaming – temperatures up to 48C the steamer is also operating continuously – add crushed herbs or a few drops of essential oil to the steamer for aromatherapy treatments to suit your mood.

Special water resistant coating - in order to cope with the differing conditions and the high levels of humidity staunacoat barrier treatment is applied to all of the internal surfaces of the cabin walls ceiling and benches to stop water being absorbed.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions (LxWxH) 410 x 280 x 570mm
Controller OCSB Stauna
Cubic Metres 4-6m³
Electrical Supply 230V 1N~ / 400V 3N~
Temperature Sensor Operates 0-110°C
Plugs into 13A socket No

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