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4 Person Outdoor Traditional Sauna - E2030

4 Person Outdoor Traditional Sauna - E2030

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A complete Outdoor Sauna:

  • Dimensions: 2385 x 1750 x 2406mm
  • Number of bathers: 4 - 5
  • Heater: 6kW Built in Controls, including 15kgs of sauna rocks and heater guard
  • Triple insulated panels
  • Bronze reflective double-glazed glass door
  • Spruce Benches, Backrests and Floor mat as a standard
  • Spruce Wall and Ceiling cladding

The Oceanic Saunas outdoor finnish sauna cabin also includes:

  • Traditional water bucket & ladle
  • Fragrance rack + 4 different fragrances
  • 15 minute sand timer
  • Combined thermometer/hygrometer
  • Fire rated spot lighting
  • Water resistant encapsulated A4 bathing rules card
  • Comprehensive instructions for assembly, use and maintenance
  • All trim timbers and fixings
€9,999.00 Inc VAT

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€9,999.00 Inc VAT
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Product Description

We are excited to present our new range of outdoor saunas: years of rigorous testing and development have gone into ensuring the cabins will endure a harsh environment and perform effectively and efficiently all year round. The choice of materials and design of the sauna are also attractive for a wide range of outdoor settings, and the cabin is simple to install and maintain - whilst offering real value for money. We believe we have achieved all our aims and the saunas are now available to order.

Our model E2030 is our mid sized outdoor sauna and is suitable for four bathers (dimensions: 2385 x 1750 x 2406H mm); it is supplied as standard with a 6kW Oceanic sauna heater with Built in Controls allowing the user to control duration and temperature from inside the sauna. We offer a range of sauna heater upgrades including the "Saunarium" combined sauna and steam: please find full details of the heater choice in the "which heater to choose" tab below or call our sales team who will be happy to advise.

The internal aspects of the sauna (including all benches, back rests, floor mat, heater guard and head rests) are constructed from Finnish Spruce as standard, but if you are one of those seeking additional comfort you can upgrade to Abachi timber, which remains cooler to the touch and eliminates the requirement for towels. Abachi is considered more attractive wood with its knot free appearance and close interlocking grain, and it is almost featureless giving a clean overall appearance. Each sauna is supplied complete with sauna accessories including a bucket and ladle, a 15 minutes sand timer, thermometer, 4 bottles x 120ml each SaunaAroma fragrances, as well as chrome fire-rated down lights. In addition, we offer a range of optional accessories and lighting choices.

Note that for the purpose of photography we have used clear glass in the images, while actual saunas will include bronze reflective glass.

Product Features

ThermoWood D

Thickness, Grain, Texture and Profile.

The external cladding is extra thick 21mm ThermoWood, which has a straight grain and fine texture. Our profile has been specifically designed to have a long tongue for secret nailing which gives a modern appearance with clean straight lines.

What is ThermoWood?

ThermoWood or more specifically ThermoPine D has not been chemically treated in any way. In order to avoid chemichal leaching, the timber is slowly heated to 212 oC; this process modifies the characteristics of the timber and provides it with a host of benefits making it highly durable and an ideal choice for exterior cladding. Thermowood cladding should deliver a service life of 30 years.


ThermoWood has dramatically reduced swelling in humid conditions. In addition, the comparison with species such as Western Red Cedar (WRC) and Larch, which are typical cladding materials, proves to be very positive.

The Thermowood has proven to be particularly suitable for outdoor sauna cabins thanks to its great stability over time and its resistance to atmospheric agents, as shown in this graph.


ThermoWood has an attractive golden brown appearance. ThermoWood cladding, if left without any surface coating, will start to grey and weather in quite a short period of time, as can be expected with all natural wood products which are exposed to the weather effects.

ThermoWood cladding after three years weather exposure with and without surface coatings

Resistance to fungal and insect attacks

ThermoPine has a significantly improved durability against fungal attacks with a rating of class 3. It is also proven to be resistant from attack of the three most common wood boring insects found in Europe.

Triple Insulated Panels

The extra thick walls are triple insulated with rockwool and foil layer to maximise thermal efficiency and reduce running costs throughout the year.

Bronze Reflective Double-Glazed Glass

The sauna door and optional glass panels feature double glazed, toughened, bronze reflective glass. The reflective coating (exterior face only) provides privacy to the bathers inside the sauna, whilst allowing natural light to enter. The mirror effect of the coating helps the glass to merge with its surroundings, in combination with the natural weathering of the cladding the sauna wil sit harmoniously within a garden or hillside. The double glazing vastly improves thermal insulation,reducing heat loss and heat up time.

Tanalised Base

The sauna wall panels sit upon a sturdy 90mm x 38mm tanalised timber base, this lifts the panels off the floor away from any lying water.


The gable roof has been designed to protect the sauna from weather all year round and is finished with 12mm thick roofing boards, a breathable membrane and attractive dark grey felt roof shingles. The roof structure sits above triple insulated internal ceiling panels to maximise thermal insulation.

Dimensions (LxWxH) 2385 x 1750 x 2406mm
Flat Packed Yes
Width of 5 Slat Benches 430mm
Number of Low Benches 2
Number of High Benches 1
Heater Size 6kW
Hard Wiring Required Yes
Technical Information

Sauna heater installation

Oceanic Sauna cabin sauna heater wiring panel drawing
  • Sauna heaters do not operate from a 3 pin plug, and they require hard wiring via an isolator switch using high temperature silicon rubber cable to BSEN 6141 (not included). Purchase 5 Meters as an optional extra or see our sauna accessories page for Silicone Rubber Cable to order different lengths.
  • Every panel (excluding glazed panels) has an internal gully which allows wires to be hidden inside the panel if required.
  • For heaters with Built in Controls the lights must also be wired separately with silicon bound heat proof cable.
  • For heaters with Remote OCSB controls, the control box will supply the heater, keypad, lights and temperature sensor. The control box is usually positioned on top of the ceiling panel of the sauna under the roof apex, alternatively purchase an IP66 lockable enclosure that can be positioned on an external wall of the sauna for easy access.

Silicon bound cable is available to purchase from our Sauna Accessories page.

Running Costs 

The cost to run an average sauna cabin with a 4.5kW heater is 54p per hour (using an average unit cost of 12p per kWh; please check with your service provider for exact unit costs).

Installation & Size Adjustments

Installation Requirements

The Oceanic Outdoor Sauna range has been designed and manufactured for ease of installation, and detailed assembly instructions are supplied along with all fixtures and fittings. No specialist skills are required: however, you may wish to employ a tradesman to fit the cabin. The sauna must be installed onto some form of level solid base, i.e. a concrete, garden slabs or a timber deck. Do not install directly onto loose slabs, rubble, lawn, gravel or dirt.

Traditional sauna heaters do not operate from a 3 pin plug; they require hard wiring via an isolator switch using high temperature silicon rubber cable to BSEN 6141 (not included). This cable can be purchased from Oceanic Saunas as an optional extra. A qualified electrician is required for the installation of the sauna heater. The sauna heater must have access to a suitable power supply (isolated 230V single phase supply to the correct standard, installaed by a qualified electrician.

For full details on the sauna cabin and sauna heater installation the manuals can be downloaded from the "Downloads" tab below.

Size Adjustments

We do not recommend adjusting the size of our outdoor sauna cabins.

Technical Drawing

Exterior and interior dimensions of the E2030 Oceanic outdoor sauna cabin

Delivery & Warranty

Delivery of your order

For delivery to any island, it is necessary to add a layer of protective wood to the pallet around the goods so that there is no damage during transport, with a mandatory additional cost of 50€ for small cabins, and 75€ for the larger ones.

To obtain a quote for our delivery service, contact us.


All Oceanic products are guaranteed for 3 years in the event of a lack of conformity.
The warranty does not apply to "consumable" parts, such as elements, for example.

This range of product will not be exchanged or refunded once it has left our warehouse.
Please, read our Terms and conditions for more details about delivery and guarantee.