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1 Person Home Infrared Sauna IR1020

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1 Person Home Infrared Sauna IR1020

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  • 1 Bather
  • 1250 x 730 x H1950mm 
  • 3 x 300W infrared heating elements (900Watts)
  • Tempered safety glass door
  • Bluetooth / AUX connection lead and stereo speakers 
  • 5 slat benches 
  • Floor mat (Deluxe model only)
  • Heater guard / back rests 
  • Sand timer 
  • Halogen spot lights (Chromotherapy colour changing in deluxe specification)
  • Simply plug into 13amp socket (not extension lead)

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Oceanic sauna cabins are made in our own factory in England. Oceanic saunas heaters are tested and certified for CE by a European control body. 

Regular Price: €3,150.00

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Regular Price: €3,150.00

Special Price €3,005.00 Inc VAT

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Product Description

All Oceanic Infrared Saunas are manufactured in our own UK factory using traditional kiln dried Grade A Unsorted Scandinavian spruce from managed and replanted forests. All models are designed for permanent installation with fully screwed joints. 

Our domestic models are available in 3 levels of specification including our unique “Infrared Saunarium” combined sauna and steam.

The Oceanic IR1020 1250 x 730 x 1950mm (900Watts) infrared sauna is supplied complete with 3 x 300 watt Oceanic infrared heaters with digital controls having a countdown timer for settings up to 60 minutes, a thermostatic temperature control to set upto 60°C and a high temperature safety cut off at 80°C to prevent overheating. Stereo Speakers with bluetooth or audio connection lead to connect to compatible MP3 or smart phone devices, our brand new modern full height safety glass sauna door with clear glass, polished chrome & Ash wood handle and polished chrome hinges. Slatted wooden benches, backrest, and floor mat (deluxe models only), lighting, all fittings and fixing, assembly manuals and user instructions.

All infrared sauna panels are fully insulated with 50mm of rockWool fibre, and are clad on both the exterior and interior faces allowing the sauna to be assembled free standing in almost any location without the need for brickWork, plastering or fixing to walls .
The door mounted in its frame is the same size as a panel and entirely symmetrical allowing its position on the to be readily interchanged, though the door must for safety reasons be opened outward it can be hinged either left or right.

Infrared Saunarium: no plumbing - no drainage 

The Infrared Saunarium system has been designed with simplicity in mind no plumbing or drainage is required – the generator is topped up with water from a jug or a kettle. Just a small amount of water produces a considerable amount of steam – during a 10 to 15 minute session only a cup full is boiled away – and thanks to the special coating and extra ventilation at the end of the steaming session any small amount of condensate left inside the cabin can easily be sponged away, then the door and vents left open for it to dry. All infrared saunarium panels are clad on both sides with spruce cladding, are coated on interior faces with Saunarium water barrier treatment, and are fully insulated with rock wool fibre to reduce heat loss, increase efficiency, reduce warm up time and improve user comfort. 
Please note the Infrared Saunarium system is only available on specified models. 

Dimensions (LxWxH) 1250 x 730 x 1950mm
Controller Infrared Sauna Room
Flat Packed Yes
Materials the Sauna can be erected on Vinyl, Ceramic, Concrete
Width of 5 Slat Benches 430mm
Number of Low Benches 1
Air Gap Requirements 25mm
Plugs into 13A socket Yes
Celebration or Deluxe


Our Celebration saunas are our most popular and cost effective specification, they feature kiln dried Finnish Spruce timber for the benches, backrests, and heater guard, the lighting provided is low voltage spot lights. Please note the heaters are now black not red.

Oceanic Infrared Sauna Celebration Specification


For those seeking extra style and comfort, our Deluxe specification offers an upgrade to Abachi timber for the benches, backrests, floor mat and heater guard. Abachi timber is knot free hardwood with an attractive appearance, it is selected for use in saunas due to its low thermal conductivity. All deluxe infrared sauna are additionally supplied with a slatted floor mat. The lighting provided is low voltage spot lights and colour changing chromotheraphy lights. Please note the heaters are now black not red.

Oceanic Infrared Sauna Deluxe Specification

Product Features

Oceanic Infrared Heaters 

Oceanic infrared sauna heaters are full spectrum covering IRA, IRB and IRC wave lengths, all of our heaters are equipped with new generation of infrared heat lamps which have an IR output that resembles the effect of natural sunlight.

Designed for instantaneous heating, as soon as they are switched on the infrared elements start emitting heat across the full infrared spectrum giving instant direct warmth.

Infrared emitter


Timber selection is crucial to the correct performance of the sauna cabin. Spruce, which has both low heat absorption and low resin content is ideal.  Although it grows in many regions, in the northern areas of Scandinavia the countless generations of experience of nurturing trees, pruning and thinning combine with the cooler weather conditions which slows growth ensuring straight strong timbers.
Specifying top grades means we take only material which is free from dead knots, splits and shakes, the timber is kiln dried in the country of origin, it is then checked again for quality before being assembled into a sauna cabin.

Kiln Dried Spruce Cladding


A full height clear glass door constructed from tempered safety glass, featuring modern polished chrome hinges and matching Ash and polished chrome handle.

oceanic safety glass door


All wall and ceiling panels are fully insulated with DIN4102 rated Earthwool fibre insulation, ensuring the heat is contained within the cabin, speeding up heat up times and reducing energy waste. 

Knauf insulation

Bluetooth Speakers 

Two speakers with bluetooth functionality allowing you to connect remotely to the speakers with bluetooth enabled divices such as most mobile phones.

Oceanic infrared sauna speakers

Chromotheraphy Lights 

Deluxe infrared saunas are supplied with colour changing LED down lights, seamless colour transition between all colours in the spectrum. Remote control included with variable brightness and ability to change between colours

Oceanic infrared chromotherapy light colours


It is possible to find a number of manufacturers of Infrared saunas and sauna heater elements that are marketing their products as ‘Low EMF’. 
EMF is an acronym for Electric and Magnetic Fields. There are three types of field associated with EMF: Electronic, Magnetic and Radio waves. A common measurements for magnetic fields is milligaus (mG). 
There is currently no definitive medical proof for the effect of EMFs on the human body. Most of the sources for information relating to human health and EMF are attempting to sell products to either measure or reduce EMF and do not provide proven side effects of exposure. 
There are no statutory exposure limits in the UK. 
For the sake of transparency we have tested our Infrared emitters to offer a comparison to anyone considering purchasing an infrared sauna. The reading at the backrest is 1.6 milligaus To provide some context we also show the level of other household devices. Your mobile phone typically produces around 5 milligaus and if you are reading this on a computer screen you could easily be being exposed to over 30 milligaus. 
If you are seriously concerned about the effects of EMF we recommend you contact your GP for reliable medical advice.

Oceanic infrared EMF testing
Technical Information

New Generation Infrared Heaters
All of our heaters are equipped with new generation of infrared heat lamps with quartz elements and carbon fibre filaments. These have an increased spectral distribution of light that includes part of the visible spectrum to more closely resemble the effect of natural sunlight, these are designed for instantaneous heating - as soon as they are switched on the elements begin to glow red and start emitting infra-red heat giving instant direct warmth.


Important Notice: It is not possible to install our Infrared Sauna Cabins with a height lower than 2200mm, if you have a height which is lower than this we can provide a bespoke wiring kit at an additional cost, for more information please inquire.  

Please Note:
1) The Infrared sauna cabin is for indoor use only.
2) All measurements are external measurements and are + or - 10mm. Please allow for a minimum 25mm air gap all around all cabins. 
3) Saunas do not come with flooring, Sauna is supplied with pre-cut timber to create a floor to cover the area in front of the benches and underneath the heater which is then placed on top of your existing flooring. Saunas can be erected onto an existing floor that can be vinyl,ceramic,concrete but not carpet. 
4) All domestic Infrared cabins require a 13amp socket but must not run off an extension lead.

Technical Drawing

IR1020 1 Person Home Infrared Sauna Technical Drawing

Delivery & Warranty

Delivery of your order

We manufacture the cabins (saunas and Turkish steam baths) at the request of the client, so we do not have stock available immediately.

For delivery to the islands, it is required to add a protective layer of wood to the pallet to prevent damage during transport, with an additional mandatory cost of €50 or €75 depending on the item.

Deliveries are made at your door, that is, at the main door or portal of your home or property, at street level – the pallets or packages will be delivered in front of the main door of your house or building. They will not be uploaded or delivered within your home.

Delivery will be made with a flatbed truck as long as there is sufficient access at destination, delivery at street level and full readiness to receive the merchandise. Sufficient access: the truck must be able to access the delivery point without difficulty, it must have enough space to maneuver or be able to leave without any problem. The client has to notify Oceanic Saunas of any access problem that might exist. In the event that the delivery conditions are not adequate, Oceanic Saunas reserves the right to cancel the order and return the amount of the merchandise, subtracting the cost of transport to and from the collection.
We recommend that two people are available to unload the pallet: unloading usually takes about 20 minutes. It is important to wear gloves and protective glasses for handling, especially when handling glass parts.

Sauna or steam room orders cannot be changed, canceled or returned once the pallet has been collected from our warehouse.

To obtain a quote for our delivery service, contact us.


All Oceanic products are guaranteed for 3 years in the event of a lack of conformity.
The warranty does not apply to "consumable" parts, such as elements, for example.

This range of product will not be exchanged or refunded once it has left our warehouse.
Please, read our Terms and conditions for more details about delivery and guarantee.