HD4040 Heavy Duty Commercial Sauna Cabin - Behind Bench Heater

HD4040 Heavy Duty Commercial Sauna Cabin - Behind Bench Heater

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All Oceanic Saunas Cabins are manufactured in our Wolverhampton based factory from kilned dried Scandinavian spruce from managed forests. PTFE and FSC certified. 
Each panel is clad on the interior face with extra thick 18mm claddings and filled with rockwool fibre insulation lined with aluminium sheets for improved efficiency. Behind Bench Heaters provide a host of features including improved efficiency and better cabin safety. 

  • Dimensions 2498 x 2616 x 2220mm
  • Number of Bathers: 9-12
  • Heater Size: 9kw Behind Bench Heater 
  • Extra thick 25 x 90 x 526mm Benches 
  • Extra thick panels 59 x 615 x  2093mm 
  • Heavy Duty Bench Legs 
  • Waterproof Base
  • Heat Proof panel behind the heater 
  • All sizes are + or - 10mm
  • Please allow for a minimum air gap all around the cabin
  • Please note all our Sauna Cabins are for indoor use only 

Delivery to Mainland England and Wales £94 - Please call for a delivery price to Europe.

Oceanic sauna cabins are made in our own factory in England. Oceanic saunas heaters are tested and certified for CE by a European control body. 

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Unique Features

The heavy duty range of saunas are built for commercial use and include a number of features that will reduce maintenance, running costs and prolong the life of the cabin.

Behind Bench Heater
An option for all heavy duty cabins is the behind bench heater, a wall mounted unit that is located behind a false wall at the rear of the cabin. There are many advantages of this model of heater.

Protected heating elements
The heating elements are located directly beneath the rock tray in the behind bench heater. This prevents water being splashed directly onto the elements which is a common cause of element failure in standard sauna heaters.
A water dish and hose are fitted with the behind bench heater, users pour water into this dish mounted behind the false wall and the water is distributed evenly across the rocks. Water thrown behind the bench will also be collected by the rock tray and will never fall directly onto the elements.

Safer Use
Having the heater hidden out of the way behind a false wall and beneath the benches prevents any accidental injuries from users being able to come into contact with the hot surfaces of the heater itself.

Auto dosing
It is simple for this model of sauna heater to be fitted with an auto dosing pump to control the amount of water being added to the rocks remotely and prevent the need for users to interfere with the heater. This further prolongs the life of the heater and provides the client with better management of the conditions within the sauna.

Double Insulated Wall Panels
All wall panels are filled with Rockwool and lined with an aluminium sheet to provide two layers of insulation improving efficiency, reducing the energy requirements and prolonging the life of the heater. The base is treated with a water resistant tanking solution so that the cabin does not absorb water when the floors are cleaned with mop and bucket. The hidden nail profile of the knot free spruce panels creates a clean flawless internal finish to the cabin.

Heat resistant panels
To avoid scorching of the timber panel behind the heater unit all heavy duty cabins are supplied with heat resistant panels. As an optional feature the panels can also be lined with a mosaic tile for a bespoke aesthetic.

Thicker bench timber
25mm thick Spruce timber is used in the heavy duty range to give a more durable and stronger benches.


Please note

Sauna heaters do not operate from a 3 pin plug, they require hard wiring using high temperature silicon rubber cable to BSEN 6141. (not included) Electricians can normally obtain this from their supplier but in case of difficulty please contact our technical department for further advice. Or see our sauna accessories for cable and prices Silicone Cable. The length you will require depends upon the distance between where you locate your switch and the heater.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions (LxWxH) 2498 x 2616 x 2220mm
Heater Size 9kW
Plugs into 13A socket No

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